Probate is the legal term used to describe the complete process of settling someone’s estate after they have died. It is a process many of us have to undertake during a time of sadness and heightened stress.

At Apple Tree we are licenced probate practitioners and will manage the entire process for you sensitively and seamlessly, removing the need for a solicitor. Our technical expertise will give you the peace of mind that all assets and liabilities are fully identified and administered.

We are committed to providing a caring yet thorough approach to probate making the process of taking care of a deceased loved one’s estate as straightforward as possible.

We can even help in cases where the deceased has left no will (intestate).

Our Probate services
  • Applying for a Grant of Probate
  • Gathering information on and valuing the deceased’s estate
  • Collecting any estate funds
  • Filling out income and inheritance tax returns and paying any tax due
  • Paying any creditors
  • Selling or transferring ownership of property
  • Distributing funds and assets according to the will
  • Managing any Trusts in the will


Click here for statutory information required by ICAEW, our governing body.

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